Nigeria: Brothers and sisters, our lives are at risk because we refuse to be chief priests

Nigeria: Brothers and sisters, our lives are at risk because we refuse to be chief priests

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

The Ohagi family in Amakohia Ihitte Uboma, Imo State, is in fear after their eldest son allegedly threatened his life because he refused to continue worshiping idols, the traditional religion of his late father. There is.

The family’s troubles reportedly began in 2013. At that time, their leader, Chijieze Ohagi, the chief priest of the village, passed away, leaving his eldest son, Nnamdi, with the responsibility of taking over as chief priest.

Mr. Nnamdi reportedly refused to follow age-old customs as they were contrary to his Christian beliefs.

Her sister Ada said tensions escalated in 2014 when Nnamdi was kidnapped on her way home and subjected to unspeakable violence. She said he was released by his captors after he agreed to return home and assume the role of head priest or allow his younger brother Victor to take the position in his place.

The brothers reportedly fled their homeland out of fear.

When talking about her family’s suffering, Ada said in an emotionally charged tone: “Our lives are in danger. Our hearts carry an unbearable burden. My brothers are in constant danger and I worry about their safety every day. Because of our struggle for faith, we lost our sister and became orphans. I can’t bear to lose my brothers. ”

In a heartfelt appeal to the media and society in general, Ada called for an end to the continuation of what she called old customs. “Our world is evolving. We must confront traditions that threaten our lives.” Every person has the inherent right to choose his or her religion without fear, violence, or persecution. I have. I can’t bear the pain of losing my father, mother, sister, and brother.

“My family’s harrowing journey highlights the conflict between deep-rooted cultural traditions and personal beliefs, and emphasizes the urgency of respecting individual choice in a diverse society.”

“I dream of a future where religious freedom is protected and celebrated, where our brothers return home unscathed and where the shadow of tradition no longer casts a menacing shadow,” she said through tears. told.

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