Nigeria: Benue Faces Recent Surge in COVID-19 Cases

Nigeria: Benue Faces Recent Surge in COVID-19 Cases

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

In Benue State, a recent surge in COVID-19 cases has been reported, with the World Health Organisation (WHO) confirming 25 new infections.

Ogechukwu Chigbo, the WHO Surveillance Officer for Benue state, emphasized the importance of vaccination in preventing the spread of the virus. Despite facing challenges in reaching a significant portion of the population, the WHO aims to integrate COVID-19 vaccination into routine immunization to ensure broader coverage. Chigbo urged people aged 18 and above to take advantage of the available Johnson and Johnson vaccine, emphasizing its safety and effectiveness. Additionally, Kaltume Ibrahim, WHO Sub-national Technical Assistant, warned against charging for vaccines meant to be administered at no cost, emphasizing that vaccines are free for all. The WHO continues its efforts to combat misinformation and encourage vaccination in the region.

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