Nigeria: Banditry Strikes in Taraba: Chief, Two Police Officers, and 13 Others Abducted by Gunmen

Nigeria: Banditry Strikes in Taraba: Chief, Two Police Officers, and 13 Others Abducted by Gunmen

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

In a distressing incident that unfolded in Pupule, Yorro Local Government Area of Taraba State, gunmen carried out a brazen act of banditry, abducting a chief, two police officers, and 13 other individuals. The assailants infiltrated the village during the early hours, catching the residents unaware as they slept. Among those taken were two police officers, a district head, and several others, marking another alarming episode of insecurity in the region.

The state Police Command’s spokesperson, Abdullahi Usman, verified the occurrence, revealing that Commissioner of Police Joseph Eribo has promptly ordered a comprehensive manhunt to apprehend the perpetrators and ensure the safe release of the abducted victims. Notably, one of the kidnapped police officers was on casual leave, while the other served and resided within the affected community.

Simultaneously, Sokoto State faced its own bout of banditry as the Police Command there confirmed an attack on Tursa village in Rabah Local Government Area. The assailants not only claimed a life through arson but also abducted six individuals in the early morning assault. The attackers set ablaze a room, leading to the unfortunate fatality, and additionally, two motorcycles were burnt, along with an undisclosed number of cows rustled during the incident.

Ahmad Rufa’i, the spokesperson for the Sokoto State Police Command, informed the press about these distressing events and assured the public that the State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Ali Kaigama, has issued orders for an intensive manhunt to capture the suspected criminals responsible for this heinous act.

These incidents underscore the escalating challenges posed by banditry in various regions, prompting law enforcement agencies to intensify efforts to combat these criminal activities and secure the affected communities. The ongoing commitment of the police, local hunters, and vigilantes in these areas reflects a collective determination to restore peace and safety to the affected regions.

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