Nigeria: As haircut costs rise, men rely on shaving stick

Nigeria: As haircut costs rise, men rely on shaving stick

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

Haircutting is an important job for Nigerian men. Another option is a trim, which is done a few weeks after the haircut.

This tradition has something to do with lower prices as a haircut in the 90s cost only 200 Naira.

Most men forgo even the trimming ritual and cut their hair completely every week or every other week.

Back then, the average man could get an electric clipper and cut his own hair.

However, the sharp deterioration of the economic situation due to rising prices has affected most men and they can no longer afford to live like that.

Economy and Lifestyle magazine found that some men, especially clean-shaven men, are now cutting their hair with shaving sticks.

Mechanic Ahmed Olasinbo said he used to cut hair at a barber shop. But ahead of the removal of fuel subsidy, it was recently revealed that the price of a haircut that usually costs N700 suddenly increased to N2,000, making look sloppy.

“I used to spend up to N2,100 a month on this.

“When the fuel subsidy removal issue started, hairdressers had to increase their service costs by more than 100%.

“It costs at least 2,000 Naira to get a haircut on the mainland .On the mainland, a shave costs 1,000 Naira.”

“On the island, a haircut costs 10,000 Naira to 20,000 Naira.”

“With the current situation, how can you spend 6,000 Naira to 20,000 Naira a month on a haircut?

“How much can you earn?” So I turned to a shaving pen to get a clean shave.

“Sometimes you can use the services of someone who cuts your hair with a knife and get a clean shave for as little as 200 Naira.

“I’ll shave again in two weeks.”

“Life and… is not a matter of life or death.

Mayowa Adesina, an electric fan repairman, bought clippers that broke twice in just three months this year. Then he decided to cut his hair with a shaving stick.

“Today in Nigeria, we don’t look at other people’s watches while we work, because whether we are rich or poor, we all feel the pain of a poor economy.

“I bought two clippers this year. They made a mistake. I fixed it many times, but I gave up and decided to give it a clean shave with clippers.

“Most of the affordable hair clippers are of poor quality and it’s a waste of money to buy them.

“The price of haircuts here in Surulere is very high.

“How many repairs a day? Can you do it?’ It costs me almost N10,000 a month to get my hair cut.

“I have to pay rent and feed my family. If you look at many of today’s middle and lower class married men who could afford to pay for a haircut in the 90’s, today that is not possible.

“For a clean shave, use a razor stick or use the services of a knife cutter.”

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