Nigeria: Advocating for Swift Justice: The Tragic Tale of Sylvester Oromoni Jr. and the Urgency for Closure

Nigeria: Advocating for Swift Justice: The Tragic Tale of Sylvester Oromoni Jr. and the Urgency for Closure

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

In a somber plea for justice, the group “Justice for Sylvester Oromoni Jr.” has urged the Lagos State Government to expedite the legal proceedings concerning the untimely death of a student from Dowen College, Lagos. The Coordinator of the group, Mr. Regent Youmor, emphasized the critical need for a prompt resolution, asserting that justice delayed is tantamount to justice denied.

The press conference held in Lagos aimed to announce the belated burial of the 12-year-old student, more than two years after his demise. Sylvester Oromoni Jr. passed away on November 30, 2021, at a private hospital in Warri, Delta, allegedly due to health complications arising from incidents at Dowen College. The family alleged that he suffered injuries from bullying by five senior students and was not adequately treated by the school.

The grief-stricken family’s claims were countered by Dowen College, asserting that the JS2 student was not bullied but sustained injuries during a football match with fellow students. The conflicting narratives surrounding the tragic incident have fueled public anger and anxiety.

Mr. Youmor highlighted the pressing need for a swift resolution, acknowledging that the matter is already before a court of competent jurisdiction. The group’s call for timely justice is rooted in the belief that the prolonged legal process only exacerbates the emotional distress faced by the bereaved family.

Furthermore, the coordinator advised parents to foster healthy relationships with their children, particularly those in boarding schools. He emphasized that such relationships facilitate smoother communication, enabling parents to detect signs of bullying or any unwanted influence on their children.

The ongoing coroner’s inquest into Sylvester’s death at the Ikeja Magistrates Court commenced in January 2022. Magistrate Mikhail Kadiri, overseeing the inquest, announced on January 15, 2024, that the findings would be released on or before April 12. This development adds to the growing anticipation for closure and clarity regarding the circumstances surrounding the young student’s tragic end.

Meanwhile, in response to the controversy surrounding Sylvester’s death, the Lagos State Government has temporarily closed Dowen College. This decision underscores the gravity of the situation and the imperative need for a comprehensive investigation into the events leading to the student’s demise.

As the community mourns the loss of Sylvester Oromoni Jr., the call for justice remains resolute, echoing the collective sentiment that the legal proceedings must be expedited to provide solace to the grieving family and address the wider concerns surrounding the tragic incident.

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