Nigeria: Abuja’s Rising Insecurity: A Call for Sustained Security Measures

Nigeria: Abuja’s Rising Insecurity: A Call for Sustained Security Measures

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

In a recent interview on Channels Television’s Politics Today, security expert Bulama Bukarti expressed deep concerns about the escalating security challenges in Abuja, asserting that the city is evolving into one of the world’s most alarming urban centers. The surge in criminal activities, including kidnappings and one-chance robberies, has painted a grim picture of the Federal Capital Territory.

Bukarti highlighted a distressing trend occurring at major junctions in Abuja, where criminals posing as taxi drivers engage in violent acts, inflicting harm and robbing unsuspecting Nigerians. Describing the situation, he stated, “Abuja is becoming one of the scariest Federal Capital cities in the world,” emphasizing the urgent need for attention and action.

The security expert argued that the disturbing events unfolding in Abuja are symptomatic of the broader security challenges pervading Nigeria. With over 9,700 reported deaths in 2023 nationwide, Abuja is not immune to the pervasive insecurity plaguing the country. Bukarti stressed that allowing insecurity to persist and flourish across Nigeria inevitably translates into its manifestation in the nation’s capital.

According to intelligence reports, violent terrorist groups from the North-East, North-West, and North-Central geopolitical zones have infiltrated Abuja. Additionally, some of these groups operate from border states such as Kogi, Kaduna, Niger, and Nasarawa. The grim statistics reveal that over 200 individuals fell victim to killings or abductions in Abuja during the last three months of 2023.

Bukarti warned that this alarming trend poses severe repercussions for Abuja’s global standing. The heightened insecurity is likely to deter potential investors and dissuade diplomats from choosing the city as a residence. Furthermore, the security expert highlighted the potential negative impact on Nigeria’s overall security rating in the international arena.

Urging decisive action, Bukarti called upon security agencies to implement sustained security measures not only in Abuja but also across the country. He emphasized the importance of taking the fight against bandits and terrorists to other parts of the nation as a strategic approach to safeguarding the capital.

The recent abduction case of six siblings and their father in the Bwari Area Council on January 3, 2024, further underscores the urgency of addressing Abuja’s security challenges. The kidnappers, demanding a ransom of N60 million, reportedly killed one of the sisters, Nabeehah, when the parents could not meet the deadline.

As the nation grapples with these security issues, it is imperative for authorities to adopt comprehensive and strategic measures to restore confidence in Abuja’s safety and security. The challenges faced by the capital city are not isolated but symptomatic of a broader national crisis that demands concerted efforts for resolution.

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