Nigeria: A friend of mine who used this means is now in London – the stowaway was captured by the Navy

Nigeria: A friend of mine who used this means is now in London – the stowaway was captured by the Navy

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

Benjamin, a 22-year-old stowaway from Delta State, said his friends who were supposed to be on the ship overseas are now in London, England.

Another Christian, from Enugu State, said he was looking for ways to improve his life.

They spoke to Vanguard on Monday after they were captured as they tried to board the container ship NATAL, which was heading to Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

Nigerian Navy vessel Beecroft, Apapa, Lagos State, arrested eight stowaways.

NNS Beecroft Commander, Brigadier General Kolawole Oguntuga, identified himself as Jerry Benjamin, 22 years old. Ben Toney, 19 years old. Victory Ekemere (16) and Ike Destiny (17) are all from Delta State.

Others include Ebuka Solomon (25) and Christian Eze (26) from Enugu State. James Vincent (25) from Edo State and David Abamiyo (27) from Ondo State.

Our Story – The Stowaway

Christian told Vanguard:

“We wanted to go to Europe, especially Portugal. It took us about two months to plan.

“My job as a bricklayer took me to an island where I saw people attempting this journey and decided to try it myself if I was lucky.”

“Ever since I came to the island, I’ve been interacting with the people, and that’s what I’ve been doing.” That’s how they found out about me.

“They locked me under the ship. We were sailing when the gunboat saw us. This is my first attempt.”

The other stowaway, Benjamin said: “The last people I could have left with are in London now.

“It took them 11 days to get to London, and they are currently in a refugee camp. There were 15 of them.

“I have been trying hard, but things are not going well, which is why I wanted to leave the country.

“I am a marina driver but since they repaired the Ojo-Iyana Oba Road, work is no longer booming.

The stowaway was handed over to the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) for further necessary action in accordance with established procedures.

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