Nigeria: 70-year-old LP chieftain leader decapitated in Abia

Nigeria: 70-year-old LP chieftain leader decapitated in Abia

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

The Abia State Police Command said it had started an investigation concerning the decapitation of a 70-year-elderly person recognized as Zachary Nmaduka, a local of Ezieke Akpukpa Uturu in Isiukwuato Neighborhood Government Region of the state on Tuesday.

It was accounted for that the person in question, who was the home branch director of Uturu nearby, had gone out to drink at around 8pm in the Amelechi Akpukpa people group region of the state when he was gone after by shooters.

It was accumulated that the late Nmaduka was a grassroots government official who was vocal against uncertainty locally. Additionally, he headed the local Uturu community security organization.

During the most recent general elections, Zachary also served as the campaign manager for Amobi Ogah, the member who represents the Isuikwuato/Umunneochi Federal constituency.

It was learned that he had been shot to death at a local bar by a group of about ten intruders who carried pump-action rifles, cutlasses, and a variety of other weapons.

The casualty was purportedly delayed the floor before he was at long last guillotined and his head removed by his executioners.

The episode has left his relatives, companions and family members in a condition of grieving and disarray.

As per the state Police Advertising Official, Maureen Chinaka, the police were cautioned after the episode and they had the option to recuperate his inert body on Tuesday night.

She said the police had heightened endeavors towards catching the gangsters behind such devious demonstration and dealing with them.

The Associate Director of Police, in a proclamation, said, “Mr Nmaduka was fiercely gone after, shot, and guillotined by unidentified attackers while he was at a savoring joint Amelechi Akpukpa people group.

“After getting this troubling data, a joint group containing police and armed force faculty was quickly dispatched to the scene.

“Sadly, they recuperated Mr Nmaduka’s dead body. Visual proof was caught at the scene, and the departed’s remaining parts were quickly cleared and kept at Marist Morgue Uturu. Examination is right now progressing.”

The Director of the LP in the state, Kecee Igara, affirmed that Zachary was an individual from the party, approaching security organizations to fish out his executioners.

“Such a detestable demonstration ought not go on without serious consequences in the state,” Igara said.

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