Nigeria: 50 decomposed corpses and 20 headless bodies were found at Abia Livestock Market

Nigeria: 50 decomposed corpses and 20 headless bodies were found at Abia Livestock Market

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

Over 50 decomposed corpses and over 20 headless bodies have been discovered around the Lokpanta Local Livestock Market in Umneochi Local Government Area of ​​Abia State.

Governor Alex Otti disclosed this at a press conference in Umuahia on Sunday evening. He expressed regret that the area surrounding the market had become a haven for criminals.

He promised that there was no going back on the state government’s decision to expel all residents from the market.

Governor Abia said it would be a daytime market that would “close in the evening and everyone goes home.”

Governor Otti said the continued campaign against insecurity on the Umunneoch/Iskwat axis is beginning to bear fruit.

Moreover, his government was prepared to bear the costs of restoring health, peace, and order to the region and the state as a whole.

He vowed that not an inch of Abia State, including the place where the body was discovered, should be allowed to become a breeding ground for criminals.

Moreover, he said those who still oppose the government’s efforts to rebuild livestock markets must be criminals or accomplices.

Governor Otti said his administration is leveraging technology in the fight against insecurity in the state. and vowed to maintain pressure on criminals until complete peace and security is restored.

Bodies in Abia Market

Governor Otti said:

“A few weeks ago, we noticed that a large ransom paid in a kidnapping had fallen somewhere near Umunneoch and decided to search the location.

“During the raid, We made a shocking discovery:

“Within 48 hours, we recovered over 50 bodies from around the Umun Neoti livestock market.

“We have recovered more than 20 decomposed and headless bodies, including men, women, and children. We have recovered a large number of skeletons of those who were killed.

“So we realized that the first thing we needed to do was secure the market. We went in and We destroyed many brothels, and we felt that like other markets, this market should also be a daytime market, starting in the morning and ending in the evening.”

Mr. Otti added: He noted that this is part of the measures to improve security in the area. Enter the general purpose market and fence it off.

“We also believe that people who spend their winters in the market should live in communities. We want a peaceful Christmas in Umunneoch and other parts of the state.

” Those who do not support this movement must be criminals and there is no place for criminals in Abia,” he added.

Mr. Otti said the fight against insecurity will not distract from the government’s development agenda, noting that ongoing infrastructure development is on track.

He explained that in addition to the number of road projects already awarded and delivered, more road projects will be awarded in the coming weeks.

Mr. Otti said he had already received three designs for the Nunya/Iskwato road and assured that this would be implemented soon.

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