Nigeria: 20-year-old man captured for supposedly killing dad for ritual

Nigeria: 20-year-old man captured for supposedly killing dad for ritual

Ridwan, who is accused of murdering his father in Ogun for religious reasons, has been apprehended by the Ogun State Community, Social Orientation and Safety Corps, also known as the So-Safe Corps.

This was contained in a proclamation gave from the Workplace of the State Leader of the Corps, Soji Ganzallo, through the Workplace of the Head of Data and public relations of the Corps, Commandant Moruf Yusuf.

As per the assertion, “at around 12:00hrs on Thursday, 31st August 2023, officials of the Corps on routine watch heard an odd commotion in a structure while at Oshoku Town in Ijebu North Neighborhood Government Region.

“The officers entered the building to confirm what was happening, but to their surprise, they found a man’s lifeless body in a pool of his own blood,” and “the alleged killer fled the scene.”

The assertion read further that Ganzallo taught the Zonal Administrator, Ijebu Zonal Order, ACC Marcus Ayankoya to get the thought executioner, Ridwan captured under 24hrs.

The thought executioner was caught where he was concealing in a bramble.

He admitted that he killed his father, Ishau, by removing the necessary parts of his body for ritual purposes with a knife and a rope tied around his neck.

Ganzallo mentioned that the alleged murderer claimed to have only removed his father’s private parts, larynx, and four teeth at the request of a ritualist he identified as Baba Kekere, according to Corps officers.

Ganzallo further uncovered that when he was gotten some information about the whereabouts of the ritualist, he wouldn’t give subtleties.

Ganzallo stated that the alleged perpetrator had been sent to the Ogbere Divisional headquarters of the Nigeria Police Force for additional investigation and, possibly, prosecution.

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