Nigeria: 130 million Norwegian fraud charge: court orders developer to prosecute for endangering lives

Nigeria: 130 million Norwegian fraud charge: court orders developer to prosecute for endangering lives

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

The Bwari sitting judge of the FCT High Court, Mr. Mohammed Madugu, has ordered that one suspect in the criminal intimidation case, Mr. Cecil Osakwe, be brought to trial.

Mr. Madugu ordered Mr. Osakwe to be arraigned in court on November 6.

In Friday’s ruling, the judge made this move after Mr Osakwe’s lawyer, Victor Giwa, had earlier filed a preliminary challenge to the court to ignore the pending case based on an earlier judgment of another court. issued an order. However,

Mr. Madugu said that the earlier suit with suit number FCT/C/2435/2021 was a judgment handed down by Justice Usman Osman at the FCT High Court, Jabi, Abuja; He said it was very different. he.

The judge explained that one is a civil case and the other a criminal case, noting that the parties to the cases are not the same and the issues raised are not the same.

“Here the defendant faces potential criminal charges based on a police investigation, including other criminal charges such as intimidation, endangering life, harassment, and fraud.”

“Courts are subject to Conducted on the basis of control. Civil cases and criminal cases are different. Civil cases do not automatically exempt you from the possibility of criminal prosecution.

“It must be emphasized that the judgment in the civil suit suit number FCT/CV/2435/2021 does not absolve Mr. Cecil Osakwe from possible criminal conduct. It is in the interest of justice for the defendant to prove his innocence of the charges brought against him.”

According to Madugu, the defendant should be indicted and charged.

“While the defendant is presenting his defense, the prosecution intends to give the prosecution an opportunity to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt.”

The judge hears the defense’s preliminary objections. It was dismissed and the matter was adjourned until November 6, when the suspects would be charged.

Property developer Cecil Osakwe has been charged with fraud and criminal intimidation against Mrs. Asabe Waziri.

Indictment No. CR/244/2022 dated June 9, 2022, filed on June 14, 2022, Osakwe for advance payment fraud punishable under Section 3(1) of the Federation Act 2004 was indicted for the crime.

Osakwe was accused of threatening Waziri with her harm and intending to cause her harm and even her death.

The act was allegedly aimed at encouraging Waziri to stop demanding receipts for the purchase of a two-bedroom apartment with maid’s room at Abe Signature Apartments, Maitama Abuja. .

Maitama is a cozy suburb of Abuja.

The charges are as follows. “You, Cecil Osakwe, male, adult male of Abe Signature, Inc., at some time in 2021, in Abuja, Nigeria, within the jurisdiction of this Honorable Court, under false pretenses and with intent to defraud. , the total amount was N130,000,000.00.

“This amount is for the purchase of a two-bedroom apartment with a maid’s room at Abe Signature Apartment No. 1, Mekong Close, Maitama, Abuja, from Mrs. Asabe Waziri.

“They did not hand over the property or refund the money.

“You have committed a crime contrary to this.”

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