New Taekwondo training school opened along Senegambia Highway

By Sulayman Waan

An international Taewondoka recently opened a new training school at Gymming Centre along the Senegambia Highway to boost taekwondo in the country.
The school aims to brining better training to the doorstep of people as well as promote the industry in The Gambia. It is also meant to provide a training ground for young people interested in karate.
Speaking to journalists at the inauguration, Master Fernando Abaga, an international karate personnel said the school aimed to support the young qualified karate personnel train younger ones to expand the industry.
“The school is led and operated by these young people. It is well-equipped. They have everything they need to do proper training,” he said.
The Dakar-based expert on karate said the centre has a training manual and other training equipment to ensure young people are trained well.
This school, he said is very essential in increasing the number of practitioners in the country.
“This means the chances of going into international competitions and wining. It is essential to establish taekwondo schools in the country,” he said.
However, the 62 year-old master said as he is getting older there is a need for him to train the younger ones to ensure continuity and sustainability of the industry in the country.
Abadan said with such training he will only supervise and provide the necessary support for the young ones to enhance the development of this industry.
However, he advised instructors to be professional and be patient in their endeavors.
Baba Sarr, President of The Gambia Taekwondo Masters Association described the school as a plus in the taekwondo industry. He urged instructors to work harder as well as be conversant with the new techniques and changes of taekwondo.
“Nowadays, if you want to compete internationally you must try to update yourself. You also need to train people who understand the new techniques and rules of taekwondo because it keeps changing,” he noted.
He said taekwondo is importance in given people mental, technical, physical and spiritual fitness, adding that taekwondo enables people to have discipline and self-respect.
“It also gives one good health,” he added.

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