NAMs reject Judiciary Officers Remuneration Bill  

NAMs reject Judiciary Officers Remuneration Bill  

Legislators of the National Assembly on Tuesday 12 September voted against the Judiciary Officers (Remuneration and Other Entitlements) Bill, 2023 which was tabled by Hon. Attorney General & Minister for Justice.

Attorney General and Justice Minister Dawda Jallow first tabled the Judicial Officers Remuneration and other Entitlements Bill 2023 on Monday 4 September before deputies at the National Assembly, saying the bill was to make provisions for the enhancement and upgrading of salaries, allowances, pensions and entitlement of judicial officers.

The bill further seeks to regulate the conditions of service of the judge of the Superior Courts and Judicial Staff, and it includes providing lucrative allowances, pensions, vehicles, accommodations and even payments to spouses of judges who died in office.

 According to the Justice Minister, the Judiciary of any nation symbolises the administration of justice under the rule of law which he said is a crucial factor in good governance and ultimately a sine qua non to the peace and security of any nation.

Minister Jallow added that the judiciary plays a very pivotal role in administering justice and maintaining the rule of law, while serving as a critical player in the realm of democracy and constitutional development making its role key as one of the three pillars of state component.

Debating on the bill, the National Assembly Member (NAM) Sami Constituency, Hon. Alfusainey Ceesay, questioned the urgency of the bill, arguing there were “so many amendments” that needed to be done in the draft constitution. 

“We need a general restructuring of salaries. We have sectors that are suffering,” he said, while urging fellow Members not to rush this bill. 

The Foni Kansala lawmaker, Hon Almameh Gibba, described the bill as “volcano to Gambians” as he strongly opposed it. 

“This bill is a volcano bill to Gambian people. Let’s trash this out and bury it 40 feet down. We don’t have to waste our time on this. We have to be honest,” he said.

The Member for Kiang West, Hon Lamin Ceesay, stated that the bill contains so many things that were not genuine. “The responsible committee should sanitise this bill and bring back to the parliament,” he urged.

Lower Saloum Lawmaker Hon. Sainey Jawara argued that instead of Judiciary fighting for their welfare, they should work on reintroducing the Draft Constitution.

Source: The Point

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