NAMs demand repatriation of Gambian allegedly ‘killed by Senegalese force

NAMs demand repatriation of Gambian allegedly ‘killed by Senegalese force

The five National Assembly Members (NAMs) from Foni in the West Coast Region (WCR) have requested that the body of one Duwa Badjie, a Gambian national who was reportedly shot and killed by the Senegalese Forces stationed in Cassamance be repatriated.

The five Gambians lawmakers are also calling for an independent investigation into the death of Mr. Badjie. They also urged the Senegalese government to repatriate the body for proper burial.

Duwa Badjie, a native of Jilanfari village in the Foni Bintang of the WCR was reportedly shot by the Senegalese Forces at the outskirt of their village while returning from Funtang village in the Foni Kansala District.  

Almameh Gibba, the National Assembly Member for Foni Kansala District, who spoke to The Point, said: “I can confirm to you that Duwa Badjie has died and he is currently at the mortuary of a hospital in Ziguinchor. This is so sad and it is totally unacceptable. Our people are being killed by foreign forces on the Gambian soil and our government which supposed to protect us is doing nothing about it,” he claimed.

“We and the deceased’s family were doing everything possible with a view to know the whereabouts of (Duwa Badjie) after one month and ten days since he was reportedly shot on the Gambian territory,” he posited.

“The government was aware of the shooting incident, but they haven’t done anything in ensuring that Badjie is repatriated.”

Source: The Point

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