The National Assembly Member for Foñi Kansala, Almami Gibba, has vowed that he will not only reject any motion to send Gambian troops to Niger but will protest at the airport to stop them from traveling to Niger if the president gives a go-ahead.

The Gambia Armed Forces spokesperson recently said the country will contribute troops if the green lights are given from the president and the National Assembly.

Speaking to The Standard, the Foñi Kansala NAM said the National Assembly should block any bill or motion seeking approval to deploy Gambian troops to Niger.

“We should not sit and allow our brothers and sisters die in vain because we have no justification to contribute soldiers abroad when our own backyard is secured by foreign troops. We will reject any attempt to send our troops to Niger and I will be the first National Assembly Member to vote against any bill seeking approval to send our troops to Niger,” he said. Gibba added that even though he is against coups, he is convinced that Ecowas should deal with constitutional coups and bad leadership in Africa first.

He said it is difficult for any good citizen to bear seeing your government mortgage the country’s future to the West.

“This has to stop if Africa is going to realise her potential. An attack on Niger should be seen as an attack on Nigeria, The Gambia, Senegal and Ecowas. I also believe the Gambia Armed Forces is not mentally and physically prepared to go to war,” he said.

Gibba said what Ecowas and Africa need is unity.

“We should deal with our own problems in our various countries,” he said.

Gibba urged President Barrow not to follow those pushing him to send troops to Niger, arguing that the Niger issue is a proxy war for the US and France.

“How on earth could you send your troops to participate in an invasion when your own house is not in order?” he said.

“I want to advise President Barrow to vet himself thoroughly and free himself from those who hijacked his ears and listen to the cries and concerns of his people. It is acceptable to help your brothers and sisters but that is if your own house is in order,” he said.

Source: The Standard

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