“My Ministry’s Aim Is To Promote Commercial Farming,”- Says Minister Kinteh

Mamos Media

By Ousman A Marong

Ms Fatou Kinteh, Minister for Women and Social Welfare has revealed her ministry’s plans to promote commercial farming in the country.

“The Government of The Gambia is ready to enforce moratorium on the importation of onions so that our local produce can be procured by the business people. This is very important for us because it ensures public buying partnership which is important in any economy,” Minister Fatou Kinteh said.

She said it is important to promote commercial farming in the country, because if there is market for the local produce then women would produce in the largest amount.

The Women and Social Welfare Minister made these remarks on Wednesday, during a joint press briefing, held at the Ministry of Trade in Banjul. She commended the women of North Bank Region (NBR) for championing the onion growing industry. She said onion production would serve as a source of employment to many youths in the country.

“It would create employment for the women, thus a ready market for both women and young people. It also has a long term food effect for the farming community,” she remarked.

Minister Kinteh urged the business community to give support to the women gardeners and the communities at large. She revealed that six-hundred and twelve (612) metric tons of onions were produced in West Coast Region, LRR, CRR, URR and the North Bank Region (NBR).

“The largest quantity of onion producing community was in the North Bank Region (NBR) which is three-hundred and thirty-seven point twenty metric tons of onion,” she asserted.

She said when the information was revealed to the ministry, a buyer was identified who promised to help with the packaging and transportation of the onion.

She concluded by commending the ICT in supporting he ministry with the packaging process.

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