Moroccan Embassy organises Iftar at Banjul Grand Mosque  

Moroccan Embassy organises Iftar at Banjul Grand Mosque  

By Sulayman Waan

The Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in partnership with Banjul Muslim Elders on Wednesday organised an Iftar at the Grand Mosque of Banjul (King Fahad Mosque.)

The Iftar was attended by several personalities including the Imam Ratib of Banjul, Banjul Muslim Elders, representative of Tijaniyyaa; Ahmadiyaa and Maurid movements, representatives of the Supreme Islamic Council and several other Muslims.

It also coincided with the complete recitation of the entire holy Quran that takes place in the mosque every Ramadan.

According to Banjul Muslim Elders, the Iftar and Quranic recitation has been taking place for over 13 years.

In his remark Alhagie Imam Ousman Jah, expressed gratitude and sincere thanks to HM King Mohammed VI, Amir Al Moumine, king of Morocco who constantly supports Muslims in Africa as well ensure the dissemination of the teachings of Islam and the consolidation of its values of tolerance and solidarity.

He also underlined the particularity of the existing spiritual relations between Morocco and The Gambia, noting that Morocco has throughout history been the main source of Sufism which has quenched the spiritual thirst of vast regions of African countries including The Gambia and won the hearts of millions of ardent devotees across the continent.

“The relations between Morocco and The Gambia have experienced unprecedented development thanks to HM King Mohammed VI, may God preserve him,” he noted.

He also praised the efforts made by Morocco, under the leadership of HM the King, in promoting the values of peace, tolerance and openness, as well as the high solicitude granted by the sovereign to Muslims in Africa.

Ahmed Belhadj, Chargé d’Affaires at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in The Gambia said the organisation of the collective Iftar in the Banjul Mosque is a gesture of sharing and solidarity which is recommended by the Islamic religion, particularly in this fasting month.

In this regard, he said several solidarity actions were carried out by the Embassy as well as by the Mohammed VI Foundation of African Ulema, through its branch in The Gambia that supported the elderly, and needy in the month of Ramadan.

He said Morocco continues to multiply initiatives to promote spiritual ties between the two countries which dates back several centuries and are marked by the common attachment to the Maliki rite, the Acharite dogma and Sufism.

“The Islam of moderation and the golden mean advocated by the Kingdom of Morocco, under the leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Amir Al Mouminine, has made the Kingdom a reliable model in the religious domain and a source of inspiration for several African countries,” he said.

Alhagie Bai Sainey Secka, Bilal of Banjul commended the Banjul Muslim Elders and all donors for ensuring the smooth implementation of the Iftar and Quranic recitation.  He added that the Iftar was essential to provide foodstuffs to beneficiaries.

He said the Banjul Muslim Elders are committed to fostering peace, love and harmony among Gambian Mulims and the entire population.

Thus, he commended all participants in the recitation of the holy Quran during the past days of the fast month.

The Banjul Muslim elders also awarded certificates of appreciation to deserving Muslims for their immense contributions to the sustainability of the annual Quranic recitation and Iftar. 


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