Ministry Of Petroleum Holds International Alliance Conference

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The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy has on Thursday 15  October 2020, convened a third assembly of International Solar Alliance  (ISA) framework meeting at its Ministry in Brusubi.

The daylong synergy brought together international Solar Alliance delegates, and it’s development partners to promote renewable energy resources.

According to recent data from World Bank,  15 per cent of the world’s population approximately 1.1 billion people lacked access to electricity in 2014 and the majority of them lived in rural areas.

The Minister for Petroleum and Energy Fafa Sanyang said there is need to rally global effort to achieve universal access through solar photovoltaic  (PV) technology.

“If we are to achieve universal electrification by 2030, solar photovoltaic technology would be the most affordable and appropriate energy technology to deploy for the achievement of the universal electrification target,” Minister Sanyang stated.

He said the government of The Gambia through its Ministry has committed itself to provide equitable access to clean,  sustainable,  high quality and affordable basic energy services.

“The Gambia presently depends on fossil fuels Petroleum products and biomass to meet its energy needs” he remarked. 

The Petroleum and Energy Minister further reiterated the country’s National Development Plan (NDP) and the National Energy Policy, as part of its efforts towards achieving the MDG goals. He said over 65 per cent of the population lack access to electricity. He further reiterate the government’s National Development Plan (NDP) and the National Energy Policy as part of its efforts towards achieving the MDG goals.

“Where electricity is available the supply is still erratic and the tariff very high. Therefore alternative clean energy options such as solar offers more sustainable,  efficient and affordable energy solutions for the Gambia,” he posited.

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