Civil servants warned of intense monitoring to deliver on gov’t promises

The Minister of Public Service, Administrative Reforms, Policy Coordination and Delivery Baboucarr Bouy has told a meeting of permanent secretaries that the new year must and will be a year for delivery.

He further informed the three-day retreat meeting underway at the Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara International Conference that his ministry will not only intensify monitoring and evaluation of all flagship projects and programs, but will also play a pivotal role in ensuring that, as a government, they deliver on their promises.

“This function of the Public Service Ministry will be intensified in the months to come thus it will require innovative engagement strategies with every arm of public service to ensure timely delivery of projects, programs and services in general. This retreat is not only about dissecting the past, but also about setting sail with the compass of the Refocused National Development Plan (RF-NDP) in hand,” he said.

The minister said permanent secretaries are not simply stewards of their ministries, but also the engines of the nation’s progress, adding that their ongoing evolution and unwavering commitment are the fuel that propels them.

He therefore urged permanent secretaries to leave indelible footprints on the sands of history, not just through the retreat itself, but through their subsequent actions.

“Each decision, each project and each sacrifice ripples outward, shaping the lives of generations to come. Let us join hands, united in purpose and navigate the RF-NDP with courage, with wisdom and with a shared vision for a prosperous Gambia,” Minister Bouy urged.

According to the Public Service Minister, they can only respond to the needs of the citizens if they measure up to their respective tasks and deliver the expected results.

Hon Minister Bouy said the third quarter Permanent Secretaries’ Retreat is the launchpad for action, the starting point for a future where every Gambian thrives.

Source: The Point

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