Meghan Markle: Her Nephew Explains The Negative Impact of Her Marriage on Their Family

The family drama of Meghan Markle is far from over. After her half-sister Samantha Markle’s multiple attacks, her nephew, Tyler Dooley, is the last member of her family who attacked the new duchess.

Tyler Dooley, on a MTV reality show titled “The Royal World”, says it was her marriage to Prince Harry that tore apart their family, reports Express.


“My family was torn apart. Had we received advice and help, perhaps from the royal family, we could have avoided many of these things, “said Tyler

The 26-year-old marijuana grower also revealed that he was disappointed that only Meghan Markle’s mother was invited to the royal wedding.

“We all thought we were going to be invited. We never forget his roots. Your family you grew up with We can not forget them. “

Talking about how his grandfather, Thomas Markle, has been portrayed by the media, Tyler says he is angry because the retired photography director, 74, has been portrayed as a monster who only does enjoy the ties of his daughter with the royal family.

“He raised her, enrolled her in school, helped her in her career. Do you know how hard it is to have actors’ shows in Los Angeles?

“Obviously, he should have been there to accompany his daughter to the altar. But he loves it more than anything in the world, “he said.

Credit: dailyexpress

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