Medical students vow to protest

Medical students vow to protest

Medical students at the University of The Gambia have expressed their frustration over a three-month delay in their medical school curriculum, particularly affecting the clinical students scheduled for their surgery posting.

Oumie Faal, information and communication minister of the Medical Students Association of The Gambia, stated that in response to the lack of resolution from the university authorities, “the medical students have threatened to protest” against the medical school and the surgery department at Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital if their concerns were not addressed by Friday.

“If we don’t receive any positive response from the authorities involved, we will protest against them on Friday. We are tired of this situation,” said the students, who feel that their education and future careers are at stake and are demanding a concrete plan of action from the university.

The students claim that despite numerous meetings and discussions with the Vice Chancellor, the Acting Provost, and the Surgery Department about the issue, no progress has been made.

They believe “there is a conflict of interest” between the university and the surgery department, with the students suffering as a result.

The lack of tangible action and proper communication has left the students feeling undervalued and unsupported in their pursuit of education and training, perceived the students, who have given the university authorities a two-day deadline to come up with a definitive solution.

Faal said the students are demanding accountability, swift action, and a clear resolution to the delay, emphasising that their academic and professional growth cannot afford any further setbacks.

They acknowledge that they have exhausted diplomatic approaches and are now compelled to take a more radical approach to bring about change.

They are calling for the intervention of the Chancellor and are using the slogan, “We are tired of being neglected. We are tired of the continuous delays in the medical school.”

However, the frustrations of the medical students have highlight the urgent need for the university authorities to address their concerns and find a satisfactory resolution to the delay in the medical school curriculum.

Source: The Point

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