MCF supports kids with football gears

MCF supports kids with football gears

The Markus Community Foundation (MCF), a non-profit organisation recently extended magnanimity to the community of Nema Kunku with the presentation of football gears and jerseys to the kids of the area.

The gesture was made through a donation from BOZNER FC, a sports club based in Südtirol in the North of Italy. Moreover, the initiative aims to provide sports equipment to the kids in the area to enable them harness and hone their skills in the world of football to be professional stars someday.

Ebrima Manneh, Executive Director of MCF, while underscoring the importance of the gesture, expressed gratitude to BOZNER FC for the foresight.

“I’m more than excited today to see that we were able to put smiles on the faces of these kids; this makes us feel happy too. As a foundation, this is what we are always yearning for; putting smiles on the faces of communities and I think this particular support is one out of many.’’ he said.

He added that the foundation has consistently supported communities with different projects, including agriculture, sports, and education, which he said have made a great transformation in those communities.

Manneh called on everyone to support the course and thanked the donors for their continued support.

‘‘We will continue to do more to support needy communities. However, we can’t achieve all these without acknowledging our donors. So we thank our donors for their continued support for our course. We call on everyone to support this course” he said.

Markus Sullmann, co-founder of the Markus Community Foundation, expressed his appreciation to BOZNER FC for donating football jerseys. He added that the donation brought joy and fun to over 40 kids.

“Thanks to BOZNER FC, a sports club from my home region Südtirol in the north of Italy, we were able to provide over 40 kids with football jerseys. This allowed them to present themselves as a proper team and experience the joy and fun of playing together. Wearing a proper team outfit makes them feel like a proper team,” said Sullmann.

The smiling faces of the kids at the tournament confirmed to him that “little helps” can lead to great progress. Sullmann called on their current donors and any new donors to continue supporting the foundation’s efforts to improve the lives of those in need.

“Since 2016, I have been traveling to The Gambia and have witnessed how difficult life is for Gambian people, especially youths. In 2019, I teamed up with a group of university students to establish the Markus Community Foundation, with the goal of improving community development and education for kids and empowering youths,” he said.

Sullmann reiterated that their focus is to help improve the lives of those in need through hands-on methods and in little steps. They have achieved a few agriculture projects and sponsorships for children in need to support their education.

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