Mark Lester Claims He’s The Biological Father of Michael Jackson’s Daughter, Paris

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Mark Lester lays claim to being her father
Although Mark Lester has 4 adult children of his own and is soon going to father two more from his girlfriend, the former child star shocked the world when he declared that Paris is his biological daughter, much to her chagrin.
"He wanted a sperm donor"
Michael Jackson asked Mark and numerous other individuals in his inner circle for a sperm donation. These people included Macaula Culkin, Jack Nicholson, Uri Geller and even some Harvard graduates. Curiously enough through, the pop star never approached any person of black skin.
Mark didn't hesitate
Initially Mark was a little taken aback because he thought his friend asked him to sleep with his wife Rowe, who he once described as, "a most horrendous looking creature." But was reassured that he was to deposit his sperm at Harley Street Clinic.

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