Man who threatened Ilorin Isese adherent, according to Kwara Police, is wanted

Man who threatened Ilorin Isese adherent, according to Kwara Police, is wanted

By Zuleihat Owuiye, Mamos Nigeria

The Kwara State Police Official, Ebunoluwarotimi Adelesi, has announced one Salam Ayodeji, needed for purportedly compromising Isese followers in Ilorin Kwara State.

 that Ayodeji stormed the shop of a female Isese adherent in Ilorin to not only harass her but also to utter the threat of destruction if she did not leave the city within eight days.

In the video that was posted on X on Tuesday, you can hear Ayodeji accosting the woman and asking if women sell electronics before giving her eight days to leave the building where she did business.

He said in Yoruba, “Do ladies sell gadgets?” Ayodeji asked, to which his companions answered, “We have never known about such.”

The religious leader went on to say, “We have told you what we want; Get out of town. Isese people are not permitted in our community.

Review the Muslim minister in his tirade on Sunday likewise professed to have the sponsorship of the police chief.

Adelesi met with Ayodeji’s family on Tuesday and asked them to bring the suspect in for the alleged crimes of terrorism and defamation against the police by Wednesday.

The family was also criticized by the police chief for what she called their son’s “poor training.”

“Is it in light of the fact that Tajudeen’s better half is from Osun State? Does that mean she’s a conservative? Or are Muslims absent from Osun State?” the enraged CP inquired.

In addition, the commissioner confronted the Alaran family, renters of the Isese adherents who had been threatened by Ayodeji to evict them, and criticized them for agreeing to the suspect.

Ayodeji answering the police magistrate said they had ineffectively attempted to find their child, whose telephone line had stayed inaccessible throughout recent days.

Tajudeen, spouse to the Isese woman, who was harassed and undermined by Ayodeji and his associates, said the suspect’s family had requested his pardoning and he had given it.

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