Macky writes off Senegal media tax arrears

Macky writes off Senegal media tax arrears

President Macky Sall has announced his government would write off the tax debt or arrears of Senegal’s media companies estimated at more than 40 billion CFA franc equivalent to four billion four hundred million Dalasis (D4,400,000,000).

According to Senegalese News Agency (APS) quoting the Council of Press, Broadcasters and Publishers of Senegal(CDEPS), President Sall made this announcement on Monday during his meeting with media owners at  State House.

”President Macky Sall announced the abolition of the tax debt of Senegal’s media companies,” according to an official of the employers’ organization who took part in the meeting, stating that this envelope is estimated at more than 40 billion CFA franc about D4.400 billion. 

The president also stated that TV and radio stations would have to pay now half a million CFA franc equivalent to D54,500, reduced from the initial monthly payment of one million CFA (D109,000 equivalent) to the Télédiffusion du Sénégal (TDS) company as a royalty.

President Sall has also promised to increase annual subvention to the media, which currently stands at 1.9 billion CFA.

It would be recalled that every year the Senegalese government would provide the media with annual subvention of 1.9 billion CFA an equivalence of D209 million.

Source: The Point

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