Liberia: ‘Unwarranted Interferences’?

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By Abednego Davis

Police’s investigative report Justifies Searching Yekeh’s Vehicle at Basement

An investigative report of the Liberia National Police (LNP) released on Thursday, January 9 to the Monrovia City Court claims that, due to unwarranted interferences, the police were constrained to drive a Toyota RaV-4 bearing plate #HOR-65, allegedly owned by Montserrado County District #10 Representative Yekeh Kolubah, to the basement of the LNP’s headquarters on Capitol Hill, where the controversial 9-millimeter pistol with serial number #BDAQ-380425PZ1550 was discovered in the vehicle.

The report says the police intercepted the vehicle at the January 6 protest scene, after which the car was subjected to a vigorous search in the presence of its operator, Alexander Sampson. “But due to unwarranted interferences, the search could not be completed at the scene, therefore, the vehicle was taken at the LNP’s basement for thorough search.”

What the report fails to explain further are what caused the unwarranted interferences.

The police report also claimed that another 9mm pistol, which bears the name “High Point”, was found in a White Ford Ranger with license plate A619132 that was allegedly recovered from the scene.

The report was released shortly after four alleged protesters who were charged with multiple crimes that include rioting, failure to disperse, recklessly endangering another person and disorderly conduct, were surrendered to the court to answer to these accusations.

Sampson, along with Aaron Kennedy, Emmanuel Johnson, and Josiah Tarphen, were later remanded at the Monrovia Central Prison due to their lawyers’ failure to secure a bond for their immediate release.

The report further claims that Sampson, who was driving HOR-65, is not gainfully employed as a driver for Rep. Kolubah, but he was contacted on the protest day by the lawmaker to drive the said vehicle on that day.

The investigative report claims that Sampson and his co-defendants during the probe put up a non-compliance posture which, according to the report, suggests that they are remorseful of their alleged unruly and lawless actions.

The police investigative report also claims that with the evidence gathered, including the two (2) pistols, barrel of gasoline and cutlasses, they resolved to charge the defendants.

On the issue of violence during the the January 6 protest, the report claims that the protesters turned violent and lit coal pots in the main street on the Capitol Hill, thus exposing themselves and others, including local and international journalists, to imminent danger.

The report continues, “the investigation also established that while those coal pots were being lit on the main street, there was also a barrel of gasoline just near where the coal pots were, something that drew  the attention of the joint security and prompted rapid intervention in getting the protesters off the street,” the police report said, justifying their deployment of tear gas and the water cannon.

The report claims that the protesters intentionally assembled at the Capitol building and the Executive Mansion corridors under the disguise of petitioning the government with their concerns, but did not as expected by the general public and other foreign institutions that were monitoring the situation. Further, the report says, during the process of their assembly, the joint security mounted a check post at the intersection of the UN Drive, referred to as “Fredrick Corner”, for  persons and vehicles attending  the protest to be searched  for the safety of everybody, including the protesters.

Another question that remains unanswered in the police investigative report is how the protesters managed to take the coal pots and the barrel of gasoline to the site, even as police inspected all vehicles entering the area?

Credit to Daily Observer.

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