Liberia: President Weah Calls for Increased Global Cooperation in Combating Pandemics, Conflicts

Liberia: President Weah Calls for Increased Global Cooperation in Combating Pandemics, Conflicts

“But the advantage we have as humans is our possession of the power of rationality, and our resilience to face adversity, no matter how insurmountable they may be or seem,” the President noted, expressing his strongest convictions that working together is the surest platform upon which the world can overcome the challenges it faces.

President George Manneh Weah has underscored the different challenges confronting the world order and called for an all-involving and unfailing global action in combating these terrible threats and challenges.

Addressing world leaders currently attending the 14th Edition of MEDays International Forum in Tangier, Morocco, which has brought together over 5000 participants, the Liberian Leader said on November 2, that nations must work together towards global cooperation, trust, and peaceful coexistence, which is the focus and foundation of the ongoing Forum.

Weah underlined the truthfulness of unfortunate global situations afflicting the people of the world, something he said is extremely aligned with the theme of the Forum, which is “From Crises to Crises: Towards A New Global Order”.

“Many have lost their lives along the way, and have perished without graves in the harsh conditions of the Mediterranean Sea,” he said. “No country is an island. We live in an interdependent world driven by enormous gains in science and technology. We should understand each other; and act in concert to overcome our challenges, to make the world a more peaceful and happier place. We have an obligation and duty to save our planet from disasters.”

President Weah said the collective experience of living in a world of crises should serve as a driving force in closing ranks, cooperation, and collaboration confronting together the daunting challenges facing mankind.

President Weah emphasized that in such times of adversity, it’s time all nations drew closer to each other, and used collective strength to overcome the challenges faced. He said: “It is, therefore, my plea to us all, that we should combine our knowledge, resources, and strength to end these crises, to restore order, peace, and stability to our One World.”

Though the entire world is challenged, the Liberian President placed a premium on the burdens Africa bears in these global crises. He told the Forum that the people of Africa remain challenged in so many ways, including the threats of international terrorism, which he stressed are now concentrated in the various regions.

“Currently, the Sahel, which contains the largest portion of West Africa, has become a playground of international terrorists, with a line of terrorist operations that runs from the western borders of Mali down to Cameroun,” Weah noted. “In addition to the terroristic activities, there are many armed conflicts that are beginning to be seen between various African countries.”

He spoke of the conflicts between Ethiopia and Eritrea; the Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, and Rwanda; the conflict in Mozambique, as well as some parts of the Central African Republic as examples of African situations. The President wondered why Africans fight each other, considering they are brothers and sisters that should be each other’s keepers.

“As if the scourge of terrorism is not enough,” he emphasized, “we are beginning to experience waves of military coups d’état and other forms of unconventional and unconstitutional means of assuming state power; which is totally against the spirit, core values, and principles of democratic culture.”

He recalled the advancement of desertification and coastal degradation, which is influenced by climate change, and is equally taking a heavy toll on Africa; the recent unprecedented flooding in Nigeria, Chad, and Sudan, among others, which are also clear indications that “we are beginning to lose the climate change battle.”

President also spoke on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on economies which he said is also a cause for concern, stressing that the pandemic occasioned a slowdown in the pace of growth for many of the African economies, to the extent that potential investors folded up their businesses and left, and that companies shut down.

He added that the situation has led to unprecedented increases in unemployment.

“We cannot pretend to be contented with these negatives, and still  believe that we are secure and stable,” he noted

Liberia’s stance on conflicts

Weah told the Forum that Liberia is interested in a more sustained and concerted collaboration among nation-states to address these major crises around the world. Commenting on the war between Russia and Ukraine, he called on the international community to use every means of diplomacy to bring this unfortunate conflict to an early end.

He highlighted the suffering that people are enduring as a consequence of the conflict.

“I feel the pains of the women and children, the young and the elderly, and all the defenseless civilians who are ongoing casualties of the war,” President Weah said further, adding: “The war in Ukraine should not be allowed to go on, while the rest of the world sits and watch.  Let us give peace a chance.”

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