Legendary Gambian musician Oussou Njie Senior dies

Legendary Gambian musician Oussou Njie Senior dies

The Gambia’s legendary musician, composer and producer Oussou Njie Senior passed away Tuesday night.

Njie had been at the center of Gambian music scene for over 50 years.

He was the founder of Super Eagles, one of the most successful Gambian music groups of all time.

The group inspired a generation of musicians from the Senegambia region including Youssou Ndour.

Oussou Njie Senior wrote many songs including hits like ‘Mandally’ ‘Gambia Sunu Rew’, ‘Viva Super Eagles’ and ‘Haleli Africa’.

He was certainly a renowned music star and trailblazer during his hey days. Ismail Oussou Njie Senio, was one legend that many Gambians especially upcoming artistes looked up to in their respective careers.

An ex-member of the Super Eagles band, Oussou Njie Senior as fondly called was upbeat about Gambian music. He thus called on them to work for the betterment of the country’s music industry.

One of The Gambia’s finest entertainment writes, Oko Drammeh paid tribute to late Oussou Njie, describing him as “a learned man and music teacher.”

“Ousou Njie was a God gift to Gambia and he was true to The Gambia,” Mr. Drammeh said.

“He sung the most popular song of The Gambia: including Bada Touray, Dawda Serge, Mandal Ly, Gambia Sunu Rew. Gambia Zambia, Fiesta Vous , Haleli Africa, Viva Super Eagles and many, many more.”

“We would never forget you Oussou Njie; your good heart, your wisdom, your kindness, your fun and laughter, your kind gifts and charity, your love.”

“Oussou Njie opened a club for the youth called the TAKE FIVE. He also opened a clothes shop called Must Stop, to dress Gambian youths. He opened a Record Shop selling Musical Instruments; a Restaurant, and an industrial company called Benjie company employing many Gambian Youths.”

“He was a good man; professional composer, song writer, story teller and top class singer. Oussou, together with Pa Touray, and Edu Hafner were the forefront of the Super Eagles Band that brought the Gambia to fame and success.”

He was the Big Letter “S” in the Super Eagle-s and when he left the Band, he became greater with his solo album FATEL LEKU, meaning remembrance – an album of a legend that summed up his music career.

Source: The Point

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