Law Enforcement Eliminates Two Alleged Cult Followers in Rivers State

Law Enforcement Eliminates Two Alleged Cult Followers in Rivers State

By Zuleihat Owuiye, Mamos Nigeria

In the unfolding saga in Rivers State, the police orchestrated the demise of two suspected cultists who wreaked havoc in the Odiemerenyi community, leaving five locals dead. Linked to the elusive kingpin, David Gift, alias 2-Baba, these cultists had a dark history, having previously captured and slain the Divisional Police Officer, SP Bako Angbanshin.

Grace Iringe-Koko, the voice of the state Police Command, unveiled these grim details from Port Harcourt. The success of this operation hinged on credible intel, revealing the miscreants’ quest for police informants, prompting swift action from operatives.

Superintendent Iringe-Koko, echoing the command’s resolute stance, emphasized the pursuit of 2-Baba and other fleeing cultists. The narrative unfolds with a distress call to Ahoada Police Station, marking the intrusion of 2-Baba’s loyalists into Odiemerenyi community in pursuit of suspected police informants.

The police, armed with this critical information, mobilized tactical units to the scene. Upon arrival, the hoodlums, having already claimed five lives, engaged the police in a firefight. Yet, the tables turned, with the police prevailing due to their superior firepower, leaving two cultists fatally wounded.

As the saga continues, the Commissioner of Police issued orders to intensify efforts in apprehending 2-Baba and other fugitive suspects. Residents are reassured of heightened security, encouraging them to pursue their activities without fear. The Commissioner extended condolences to the grieving families, urging communities to stand resilient against potential security threats posed by criminal elements.

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