‘Knife crime criminals must be caught, punished’ 

‘Knife crime criminals must be caught, punished’ 

By Cherno Omar Bobb 

Seedy Sheriff Ceesay, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Coastal Security and Coastal Enterprise has called on the ministry of Interior together with The Gambia Police Force to take action against the scourge of violent crime in the country. 

With the tragic rise in knife killings in the country recently, Mr. Ceesay called on the Ministry of Interior and The Gambia Police Force to introduce tough measures to address the violence. 

He stated that knife crime criminals must be caught and punished. 

Senseless violence has once again resulted in the loss of young men with their lives ahead of them and the TV host expressed devastation by the deaths of our youths. 

“The police should be determined to ensure criminals are caught and punished. Operational policing must be Democratic Policing, Community Policing, where operational policing carry out educational talks in schools and colleges, stop and search activity, knife sweeps, high visibility patrol, and warrants. They should also visit people who repeatedly carry knives as well as speak to retailers and youth groups,” he stated. 

He further said that Interior ministry needs to develop key action strategies, intelligence and information sharing and deliver initiatives at three levels- Prevention, Intervention and Enforcement. 

“Government and Local authorities need to develop key strategies to stress the importance of early intervention to tackle the root causes of serious violence and provide young people with the skill and resilience to lead productive lives free from violence,” he also said. 


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