Kenya: Police arrest woman, 21, over baby’s theft

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Police arrest woman, 21, over baby’s theft


Police have arrested a 21-year-old woman for allegedly stealing a baby at a Mombasa hospital.

Jomvu deputy commander Jashon Polloh said the suspect, Amina Juma, disappeared with the baby ‘knowingly’.

“The suspect who stole the child on Tuesday has been arrested. We are now through with our investigations and we will charge her with the offence of child theft. She will be arraigned on Monday,” he said.

On Tuesday, Baby Brown Njuguna was stolen from his mother Victoria Zubeida, 25, at Mikindani Medical Centre in Jomvu.

“I found her at the maternity ward. She heard all the conversations I had with the nurse. When I was discharged, she offered to help me with the baby. On reaching Kijiweni matatu stage, she reminded me about the drugs I had left at the facility, so I left her with the baby,” Ms Zubeida said.

On her return, the woman had disappeared.

Credit to Daily Nation.

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