Kenya: Chris Kirubi’s Convictions That Birthed Multi-Billion Fortune

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By John Paul Simiyu

ODM leader Raila Odinga (Left) with Businessman Chris Kirubi

Veteran entrepreneur Chris Kirubi opened up on his convictions that led to his expansive business empire. A report published by Business Daily on Friday, January 17, indicated that Kirubi, who grew up poor made a decision at a young age that he was going to beat poverty no matter what price he had to pay. Kirubi was responding to a question by journalist

Jackson Biko who was keen to know what propelled Kirubi to the heights of success he now enjoys. Multiple award-winning blogger Jackson Biko (pictured) sat down with Chris Kirubi in a candid interview in January 2020.”You’ve asked a critical question. And that question is based on who I am, what I was and what made me believe that I could make it. It is the trust in myself.

I knew if I worked hard, I would make it,” he stated. Revealing that his childhood was not as privileged as many might be led to believe, he stated that he put his focus on being a great man in the future and never looked back since. He further intimated that while he had made a lot of money in his life, he still did not feel like he had reached a level where he would consider himself a success. “I have a dream. I still have more hills to climb. I work more now in my home than I worked in the office. I have five to six meetings a day.

Many people come to see me because I’m sick. My people want to come and consult with me. I still run my companies. I have never switched off,” he narrated. While he recognised the impact his entrepreneurial endeavours have made, he still considered his revenue targets and his intended impact on people’s lives yet unachieved.  “I’m sure in your pocket you have one of my products. A medical card, a smart card… There is no medical insurer that isn’t using my smart application.

My ICT company has nearly two million subscribers. “I look forward to having four million and I’m sure by the time I have four million, I’ll want to have six million more. Why? Because I contribute to people’s wellness,” he concluded. Businessman Chris Kirubi with Israel’s Ambassador to Kenya, Oded Joseph in his offices on September 30, 2019.Kirubi has interests spanning in the field of insurance, media, manufacturing and more, and has been constantly ranked among the five richest individuals in the country with a personal fortune running into tens of billions.


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