Kenya: 67 bodies of suspected members of a cult of starvation are found by Kenyan police

Kenya: 67 bodies of suspected members of a cult of starvation are found by Kenyan police

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, MAMOS Nigeria

After more bodies were found in mass graves in a forest in the south-east of Kenya, the death toll from a Christian cult that practiced starvation has risen to 67.

A significant hunt is in progress in the Shakahola timberland close to the beach front town of Malindi, where many bodies were unearthed over the course of the end of the week. The bodies are believed to be those of devotees of an accepted faction they would go to paradise in the event that they starved themselves.

After receiving information about the cult’s activities from locals and human rights activists, the Good News International Church, police began searching an 800-acre (325-hectare) woodland area last week. A rising number of individuals had disappeared nearby.

According to Hussein Khalid of the human rights organization Haki Africa, “We impressed upon the police [the need] to go to more homes and find out what is happening.”

Paul Mackenzie Nthenge, a church leader, is said to have advised his followers to fast until death in order to “meet Jesus.” He is being held in custody until he appears in court. It is possible that some of his followers are still hiding in the bush near Shakahola.

Kenya’s inside serve, Kithure Kindiki, that’s what said starting discoveries recommended “enormous scope violations” under public and global regulations had been committed. ” He tweeted that those responsible should face “severe punishment” “While the state remains respectful of religious freedom,” he said.

In one grave a whole group of three youngsters and their folks were found.

The rapidly rising loss of life has incited concern and shock from the nation’s public and initiative.

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