Kanye West says he lost $2 billion in one day

Kanye West says he lost $2 billion in one day

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Kanye West says he lost $2 billion in a day in the wake of firms cutting ties with the rapper.

The 45-year-old made the claim when he returned to Instagram on Thursday after his account was restricted earlier this month following his series of anti-Semitic outbursts.

Kanye addressed his post about his money loss to Hollywood agent Ari Emanuel, who runs the Endeavor agency, and had said in an opinion piece for the Financial Times newspaper there should be “no tolerance anywhere for West’s anti-Semitism” and urged brands to stop partnering with the rapper and designer.

Kanye said on Instagram: “Ari Emanuel, I lost 2 billion dollars in one day. And I’m still alive.

“This is love speech. I still love you. God still loves you. The money is not who I am. The people is who I am.”

Ari, 61, who is Jewish, and partly inspired the character of Ari Gold on ‘Entourage’, is considered one of the most powerful figures in entertainment.

Kanye’s Apple Music Essentials Playlist has been removed, his deals with Balenciaga and Gap have fallen through and he has been dropped by the CAA talent agency.

Yet dad-of-four Ye recently insisted he isn’t losing any money in the wake of his anti-Semitic slurs.

The rapper has told TMZ: “I ain’t losing no money. The day I was taken off the Balenciaga site, that was one of the most freeing days.”

Kanye added people are cutting ties with him to “score points” and accused them of “trying to mute” him amid his other controversies, including parading a ‘White Lives Matter’ T-shirt at Paris Fashion Week.

He added about refusing to be cancelled: “We here, baby, we ain’t going nowhere.”

Doubling down on his controversial remarks, he added: “I want to talk about the Jewish comment, it’s actually proven the exact point that I made.

“It’s going to take all of us to come together. We gotta get the truth before we can get the love if not we are just loving the lies.

“They never expected someone to have the platform. It’s not that anyone is afraid, they’re afraid of us not being afraid anymore. They can’t use all the tactics.”

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