Julius Malema on xenophobic attacks: “I’m not a president of thugs”

By Andile Sicetsha www.thesouthafrican.com

EFF leader, Julius Malema has, with the highest disdain, condemned the xenophobic attacks that have been perpetrated by South Africans against foreign nationals.

Malema was speaking at a media briefing that was held at the EFF headquarters, in Johannesburg, on Thursday.

EFF media briefing: Julius Malema vows to sue Post Office
As expected, the Red Berets leader covered a range of topics, including the aftermath of Uyinene Mrwetyana’s death.

Malema announced that a legal team has been assembled to file a lawsuit against the Post Office, as well as the Ministry of Communications, for failing to properly vet the employee who’s since been charged with the first-year UCT film student’s murder.

 “The killer of Nene was an employee of the Post Office and it is alleged that he had a criminal record and a history of murder. A responsible government and employer should have known this.

“By employing a person with a criminal record the minister and the government were assuming the risk of such an incident happening against any member of the public,” Malema charged.

EFF leader speaks out against xenophobic attacks
Malema also touched on the recent events that have sparked widespread outrage. Asked about where he stood on the issue of the xenophobic attacks that broke out against foreign nationals, in Gauteng, the EFF leader made it clear that he was no supporter of black-on-black violence.

“We call on our fellow South Africans to stop the violence against other poor people in our communities. Xenophobic violence will never resolve the problems our country face because they were never caused by foreign nationals in the first place,” he said.

The EFF leader explained that the notion that foreign nationals are taking over the job market was fallacious. Instead, he said, “it is white people who prefer foreign nationals over South Africans.”

Malema described the xenophobic attacks as barbaric, charging that South Africans ought to be ashamed of themselves for subjecting fellow Africans to the level of violence we bore witness to this past week.

“Find it in your hearts to forgive us. We are sorry. We are ashamed. Forgive us. We come from a traumatic past and we are still struggling to find ourselves.

“The oppressors, who control our minds, are the ones who have instilled in us the hatred of our brothers and sisters. They have told us we are better than the rest of the continent,” the EFF leader pleaded.

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