Mamos media disagrees with parts of the Standard Newspaper Article written by Talib Gibran published today.

Especially the part where he writes and refers to Jizzle

“The only downside is he looks like Camavinga, which means he is not generously endowed in the looks but compensates it with 6 packs. If you’re famous, rich and have 6 packs, then you will have heaven in the world.” Talib Gibran

Below is why Mamos Media disagrees with Talib Gibran:-

JIZZLE is one of the Republics youngest and most talented artists that has survived many hash winters of the Gambian music Industry ( including COVID-19) emerging as a force to be reckoned with not because of his physical appearance ( 6- pack) but because he has immense song writing skills, he is a lyrical genius with the ability to tap into multiple languages easily.

JIZZLE personality wise is refined, under communicates ( says v little) because he has a peaceful soul and respects everyone and himself!

His % focus is his art,though not married he is in a stable relationship and when working he has a mature professionalism that is well beyond his years.There has been very little prove or signs of womanising even when he is not working!

JIZZLE is a producer and goes to great lengths to protect his image and his art which requires incredible discipline and maturity some people older than him cannot and will never display.

JIZZLE is a Gambian National Treasure that should be nurtured and groomed he is deeply loved by audiences internationally because of his charismatic charm,incredible lyrical talent and stage presence!

Mamos media however agrees with the part Talib Gibran of the Standard writes «Truth be told, Jizzle is smooth. Each time he releases a song, I feel like I heard the song before…… Jizzle is the deal»Talib Gibran

JIZZLE is indeed the deal and should never be underestimated because he lives and breathes ONLY his art and has with each performance left his audiences in AWE !

The full article Talib Gibran wrote is on todays Standard Newpaper titled ST vs T Smallz.


Talent :-%


Stage Performance :-%


Lyrical talent:-%

Sex appeal:-%



Mamosmedia.November 2023

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