Jammeh vows to end suffering upon return

Jammeh vows to end suffering upon return

Former President, Yahya Jammeh last week told supporters that he was not happy with the “suffering of Gambians” under President Adama Barrow and he vowed to return to develop the country.

Jammeh, who ruled the Gambia for over 22 years with an iron fist was speaking on 25 May 2023 as supporters celebrated his 58th birthday in Kanilai.

Speaking through a phone call on his birthday celebration, the ex-Gambian dictator assured supporters that he would return and develop the country as he had pledged and promised.

“There are people who think that I don’t want to come back and I am ignorant of the sufferings of the Gambian people. If anybody is suffering in his heart about the suffering of the Gambian people, is Yahya Jammeh,” he claimed.

Jammeh added that nothing hurts him more than seeing Gambian children out of school while revealing that more than 51, 000 primary school pupils dropped out of school in 2021.

He continued that Gambian women are also suffering, saying there is no security and happiness because prices are skyrocketing despite the fact that the government promised to level up.

“This is all a test from the Almighty Allah but be rest assured that you will forget all the sufferings in one day. I will fulfil all the promises I made to the Gambian people.”

Dwelling on the need for unity in the country, he advised that Gambians should forget about tribalism noting that tribalism is evil and that he wants all to unite as Gambians, as one nation and one people for the development and prosperity of our motherland The Gambia and Africa.

The self-proclaimed Sheikh prayed for the almighty Allah to guide and shower his blessings, mercy, perfect peace, happiness and protection upon Gambians.

“From education to health, agriculture and infrastructure and the prosperity of every Gambian will be achieved when I return.” 

Speaking on the faction of the APRC party, Jammeh said he wants all to understand that unity is the strength of a party and that the APRC should be one family as before irrespective of tribe, religion or any other consideration. 

“I want you to be united, work for each other and not against each other. I want everyone to forgive each other and move in the interest of the party which is the interest of the nation. I want you to forget about the APRC division and work as one party.”

Source: The Point  

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