Inspirational and mind opening words

By Alagi Jallow

Fatoumatta: Very powerful, Inspirational and mind opening words of wisdom a friend share with me.
“Samson’s parents had known the secret of Samson’s strength since his birth, yet they told no one (Judges 13:5).
The day Delilah heard of it, she told Samson’s enemies and brought Samson down to ordinary
(Judges 16:17,18)
1. Everyone qualifies for your love, but not all the people you love qualify to know the secrets of your life! Because, some cannot handle it and others cannot wait to trade your secret for personal gain!
2. The enemy that will destroy you, will not come with a sword but with a smile!
3. Learning to keep your friends’ secrets is not only about trust, but destinies are at stake. Nothing can be more dangerous and painful than to share your secrets with your enemies thinking they are your friends!
(a) CONFIDANTS – They will walk with you no matter how hard it gets. You need to be grateful if you have one
(b) ASSOCIATES – They team up with you to achieve a common goal…. most of the time they compete for the same prize/goals with you! Be very careful with these kinds, they may push you down in order to win the prize
(c) COMRADES – They team up with you just to fight a common enemy. They will be gone once the enemy is defeated…. you should not be worried when they leave, they were there for a season.
Always remember the saying that, “some friends are like a shadow; they appear only when the sun shines.”
Have a blessed day!

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