In Lagos, a man is killed when soldiers and locals fight

In Lagos, a man is killed when soldiers and locals fight

By Zuleihat Owuiye, Mamos Nigeria

A yet-to-be-recognized man was supposedly gunned somewhere near warriors in the Otto area of Lagos central area following a conflict with some yet-to-be-distinguished troopers.

 that despite the fact that the soldiers were sent to protect some Chinese workers doing maintenance work along the railway tracks, some boys in the area had clashed with the workers.

According to a local source, the boys—some of whom were referred to as “Omo onile”—had constant disagreements with the construction workers.

According to the source, “because they feel like the police could not handle the boys, the Chinese workers have stopped using the police.” So they brought troopers.”

Benjamin Hundeyin, the Public Relations Officer for the Lagos State Police Command, was unable to comment on the situation because, according to him, the Railway Command was in charge of the region.

“It’s not under our locale but rather that of the Rail line Order,” Hundeyin said.

Endeavors to get the Rail route Order demonstrated failed.

Be that as it may, a source in the police order who affirmed the episode communicated disappointment over the proceeded with barbarities purportedly being carried out by troopers in Lagos.

The police source said, “It occurred around 1 pm in the Ebutte Meta/Otto region. It is turning out to be excessively. We cannot continue in this manner. I additionally have my family in Lagos.

Will individuals simply die at the hands of soldiers in the end? It needs to stop. Whenever they emerge for that sort of mission, they don’t wear labels, so you can’t recognize or follow them.

In the video of the episode acquired by our journalist, two men out of the three men in military uniform were seen shooting shots in the space which sent the occupants into alarm. It was said in the background, “You can see. Official you wear kill individual o. You wear kill individual o. See individual o. They kill individuals o.”

In another video got, a dead man was seen lying in a pool of blood said to be that of the man supposedly shot by the troopers, for certain people waiting around him and howling.

Lt. Col. Ayeni, the Nigerian Army’s spokesperson for the 81 Division, has not returned calls or messages left on his phone.

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