Gambia “IEC Is Retarding The progress Of BAC,”- Says BAC Vice Chairman

Mamos Media

By Muhammed L Bojang

The Vice Chairman of Brikama Area Council (BAC), Ismaila Jallow, has faulted the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) for delaying the Council, after the current Chairman Sheriffo Sonko was expelled from the United Democratic Party UDP who sponsored his candidature.

According to the Local Government Act, a person shall leave office, if he or she is sacked by the party on whose ticket he or she was elected into office.

Speaking to The MAMOS Media at his office on Thursday, BAC Vice Chairman Jallow, has expressed his frustration and possible remedy to the chairmanship saga.

“Our working relationship was very cordial till the time he pronounced himself as ‘Sheriffo Adama Barrow’ and up till now nothing is working fine at the Council. It has broken our working relationship,” Vice Chairman Jallow told The MAMOS Media.

He added: “He (Sheriffo) said our party leader has urged us to support the National Development Plan, which is very true but he has another agenda totally different to NDP which is to support the President’s Party not the National Development Plan.”

Mr. Jallow further rubbishes Sonko’s claimed that he used an incorrect letterhead on his letter to IEC: “I don’t care if the letterhead was correct or not all what is important to me is that IEC received my letter”.

Jallow blamed the Independent Electoral Council (IEC) for not serving the sacked Chairman Sheriffo Sonko with notification about his expulsion by his party.

“IEC is retarding the progress of the Brikama Area Council as it is clearly spelled out in the Local Government Act Section 19 Subsection 1G that if you are expelled from your party you automatically lose your seat and IEC is aware of that and still they don’t served him a notice since we sent our first letter dated 29th June 2020,” Mr Ismaila Jallow said.

He went further to accuse Sheriffo Sonko for illegally occupying the Council’s top seat, saying that all his official functions are illegal because he has been expelled from his party.

“He has to leave the office, even if the law is amended, the by-election is coming and nothing can change that,” he remarked.

He rated Sheriffo Sonko’s performance at 15% since he took office.

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