“I Lost Over A Million Dalasi In The Fire Outbreak”- Says Shop Owner

Mamos Media

By Muhammed L Bojang

The fire outbreak at Brikama Market in the early hours of Sunday morning, has destroyed over sixty shops and canteens leaving dozens of business owners in devastating conditions.

Some of the victims have blamed the National Water and Electricity Company NAWEC for the outbreak, saying it was the negligence of the company.

Bambo Tunkara, a victim of the fire disaster has told The MAMOS Media that he lost over a Million Dalasi in the incident.

“I cannot tell you the actual amount of cash that i lost but it’s over million dalasis worth in my shop and it was yesterday that i even recieved my supply. I sell bowls, buckets, cooking pots and many other utensils,” said Bambo Tunkara.

Ms Jariatou Jallow, another victim who was in tears said she lost all her money in the fire.

“I sell second hand clothes from 0-6 and I lost everything in the shop with D18, 000 and 2 other boxes were all burnt into ashes and the boxes contained all the monies from my tobaski sales,” she sobbed.

An eyewitness told The MAMOS Media that the fire started around 6am in the morning from a Nawec electrical pole and when the Brikama Fire Station was contacted they responded on time and they have contacted Nawec station to turn-off the electricity but they said their vehicles have problem. When contacted again, they eventually switched off their phones as the calls were too much and the fire services could not stop the fire leading to the destruction of millions of Dalasi.

According to one Lamin Sanyang, they have called NAWEC to turn off the electricity when the fire just started with only one carteen next to the pole but they instead switched off their telephones and the fire fighters could not do anything as the electricity was on.

Meanwhile, the fire has destroyed over 60 shops and canteens at the market. This medium would continue to follow the reports from the fire and rescue services and the police for comments.

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