“I Am Here To Steer The Wheel To The Right Course,”- Says Marie Sock

Mamos Media

By Ousman A Marong

Marie Sock, a female independent Presidential aspirant for 2021 Elections, said her candidacy to contest the upcoming presidential election is to steer the wheel of the country’s highest office to its right course.

“I am here as the captain of the ship and I am here to steer the wheel to the right course,” Marie Sock said.

The entrepreneur cum politician said she can only steer the wheel to the right course which she is doing for the youth of the Gambia because they don’t have a voice.

“I want the young girls to start speaking up, coming out showing their talents and who they really are. I am going to steer this ship, but as I am standing on the steering wheel I need every Gambian woman to stand with me,” she asserted.

Madam Sock has made these deliberation during a press briefing held at her residence in Bijilo.

“This is a journey for me and for all the women of the Gambia. This is a journey for the youths of the Gambia because I stand for them. I represent the women of The Gambia and am also representing the youths of the Gambia for a better chance,” she remarked.

Sock, described the upcoming 2021 presidential election as the revolution of change for all the women and the youths of The Gambia.

“For the Gambia to move forward in vision 2021 and its women to be recognized and be respected in the Gambia and the world we have planned to work on ten cardinal pillars and they are as follows, the economy of the country, education, medical health, women empowerment, women and youth empowerment, price regulation, agricultural development, infrastructural development, crime, job creation, and increment of minimum wages,” he concluded. 

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