HELPING gives rice to sponsored students

HELPING gives rice to sponsored students

By Cherno Omar Bobb

Help For Education And Local Project In The Gambia (HELPING) charity last Thursday doled out bags of rice to 94 of its sponsored students at Fass Njaga Choi Lower, Upper and Senior Secondary School.  

The presentation was held at the charity’s lodge at Fass Njaga Choi village in Lower Nuimi District, North Bank Region.

The annual gesture had earlier been extended to its beneficiary students at Pakau Njoju, Makabalamanneh, Touba Angaleh, Kerr Bohum, Kerr Malick Sarr, Samba Njabeh, Prince, Chamen and Ndofan Basic Cycle Schools. The same benovelence will also be extended to its sponsored student in Medina Serign Mass and other schools as well as students who will return from holidays.  

The charity’s mission is to work with local communities to improve the life chances of disadvantaged children through education and welfare.

Karamo Manjang, HELPING Charity Sponsorship Coordinator said beneficiary students of their sponsorship have a very good opportunity because there are a lot of students who are looking for such chance.

However, he said the sponsorship does not mean that the sponsored students are doing better in schools than those not fortunate enough to benefit.

He added that before schools reopen, they will begin paying their sponsored students from the school fund.

He noted that learning is not only limited to within the school and therefore encouraged parents to ensure their children study at home and also monitor them.

He added that they understand that some of their sponsored students have left school while some got married, saying they will replace them.

Our sponsorship consideration is based on three criteria (those doing well in school, those who are from very poor families and those who are orphans), he explained.

Sarjo Sarr, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for HELPING charity said they always have a challenge with sponsored students submitting their school reports and thank you letters on time and therefore called on parents to encourage their children to always write their thank you letters as well as submit their school reports on time. 

Mr Sarr also encouraged students to take their education seriously, noting that some of the school reports from the students are not encouraging.

Modou Bobb, Fass Njaga Choi Alkalo’s representative thanked HELPING Chairty for not only sponsoring Gambian students but also looking after their welfare.

He called on parents to study their children’s school reports every term to assess if they are improving or not as well as help them study.  

Ousman Corr, HELPING Charity board member said some parents and students are only interested in collecting sponsorship packages and other benefits from the charty but not fulfilling their requirement. “Sponsors can only be motivated to continue sponsoring you if you continue to do well in school and submit your school reports and thank you letters on time,” he told them.

He pointed out that when the student succeeds in life, it not only benefits him and family, but humanity at large.

Adama M. Joof, a beneficiary of HELPING Charity sponsorship said the rice distribution is just one of the efforts the charity is making to help people in rural areas as some times resources and developments are not evenly distributed.

Miss Joof who has benefited from the charity’s sponsorship from nursery school to date recently completed her studies at the Media Academy for Journalism and Communications and currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism at the University of The Gambia School of Journalism and Digital Media.

She pointed out that without HELPING Charity’s generosity, she might not have made it that far. “I am really grateful for the support they have been giving.”

She further said that there are a lot of people who are hoping and wished they had the sponsorship and therefore encouraged lucky students to make good use of the opportunity.

“I have seen the importance of being supported. We have to be committed and show that we deserve the support.”


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