HELPING charity holds program for sponsored students

HELPING charity holds program for sponsored students

By Cherno Omar Bobb

Help For Education And Local Project In The Gambia (HELPING) Charity on Saturday held a programme for its sponsored children at Fass Njaga Choi Lower, Upper and Senior Secondary Schools.

The programme held at the charity’s lodge at Fass Njaga Choi, Lower Nuimi District saw the charity which is working with local communities to improve the life chances of disadvantaged children through education and welfare in North Bank Region of The Gambia give over 90 of its sponsored students at the school their sponsorships.

HELPING charity formed by Chris and Margaret Meeks in 1998 currently sponsors 360 students.

Margaret Meeks, founder of HELPING charity commended their Gambia staff for keeping things running smoothly for the past 3 years they have not visited The Gambia due to Covid-19.

She told sponsored students that some of their sponsors are not rich but put something together monthly to help them. She urged sponsored student to ensure they write a letter and produce their school report for their sponsors yearly to gauge their progress.

She observed that some of their sponsored students have not been performing well lately and therefore urged them to work harder. “Sponsorship is a two-way thing,” she also told students.

Sarjo Sarr, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for HELPING charity said as a charity they are fulfilling their corporate responsibility to the letter and challenged parents and sponsored students to fulfill theirs by delivering the school reports and thank you letters on time.

Mr. Sarr also called on parents to take up their responsibilities by nurturing their children to ensure they become educated and disciplined to be able to contribute positively to society.

Ousman Corr, in his remarks on behalf of HELPING charity board said there are a lot of students who need the sponsorship but are not fortunate to benefit and therefore urged beneficiaries to make best use of it. He thanked Chris and Margaret Meeks for their assistance to Gambian education and health over the years.

Bai Jobe, principal Fass Njaga Choi Upper and Senior Secondary School said the immense assistance rendered to the school, community and country at large by the charity cannot be over emphasised.

Adama Sarr, headmistress at Osborna nursery school told parents that they are not only expected to enroll their children in school but are expected to monitor their progress and help them study at home to be better.

Amadou Bobb, a parent thanked HELPING charity for their support to education and health in the country. He appealed to parents to encourage their children to respect and dedicate time for their books and stop watching movies that have no relevance to their education.

Adama M. Joof, an Advance Diploma student at the Media Academy for Journalism and Communication who is a beneficiary of the sponsorship said her dream of becoming a journalist would not have been possible without the charity’s assistance.

The current State of Mic intern urged her fellow beneficiaries to take up the sponsorship and their education seriously as well as always produce the school reports and letter on time.


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