GTU Ladies’ Society holds national women’s caucus

GTU Ladies’ Society holds national women’s caucus

By Cherno Omar Bobb

The Gambia Teachers Union (GTU) Ladies’ Society on Monday held a national women’s caucus under the central theme Invest in Education for Quality Service Delivery with sub-theme Invest in Education for Quality Service Delivery: Promoting Gender Responsive Budgeting.

The gathering was meant to start another milestone, review the society’s activities, take stock of its achievements, consolidate the gains and work hard to improve on the challenges.

Speaking at the caucus held at the Paradise Suites Hotel, Marie Antoinette Corr, general secretary for the Gambia Teachers Union, said they were committed to ensuring “the GTU goes from strength to strength”. 

“Women power is incredible and cannot be expressed through few words,” she said “Without women the world and our lives are incomplete. Women are the corner stone of our society.” 

GS Corr said that today, women and girls are not just on the agenda, they are the agenda, adding that while they might be working on varied causes, “they are united by a single passionate belief to empower women and girls” to transform societies. “Together we can build a world where all lives truely have equal values,” she emphasised.

Madam Corr added that women have the power to uplift young girls and break gender norms, saying female leaders in education are essential to both social amd economic growth and could serve as role models for young girls. 

“Your job titles may be teachers but in reality you all are the architects who are shaping humanity’s future,” she told the teachers. 

She stated that training, remuneration, and career advancement ensured safety and good conditions for work, hence the battle for promoting the teaching profession for women must be taken on many fronts.

She described investing in teachers as a wise investment in the efforts to build strong economies, cohesive societies and a future of dignity and opportunity for all. 

She also reiterated their commitment to working progressively with all stakeholders to ensure the aspirations of teachers become a reality. 

Saffie Nyassi, chairperson of GTU Ladies’ Society, said her executive would continue to advocate for the National Executice Committee to expand the democratic space to accommodate women in order for them to meet their quota of representation as provided for by the GTU Constitution and the Gender Policy of the Union. 

Dr Gazi Doga, a representative of Turkey Teachers Union, said “Gambian women are expremely doing well globally” and therefore urged them to keep up the momuntum.

He also metaphors women as the key to shaping the next generation.


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