Greek: Charges brought against Greek ship team over death of traveler drove into ocean

Greek: Charges brought against Greek ship team over death of traveler drove into ocean

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

A Greek prosecutor has brought criminal accusations against an island ship 

captain and three of his group over the demise of a drove traveler into the ocean as he attempted to reboard the leaving vessel in the country’s principal port of Piraeus.

According to state-run ERT television, the captain was charged with serious violations of shipping regulations, while one crewmember was charged with homicide with possible intent and the other two with complicity.

On Wednesday, the Greek pastor for vendor marine, Miltiadis Varvitsiotis, communicated “shock, frightfulness and distress” over the demise of the traveler, who he recognized as Antonis Kargiotis, 36.

Kargiotis was captured on video running to the loading ramp of the Blue Horizon ferry, which was still down and in place on the quay as the ship was about to leave its moorings. He attempted to push past two team individuals on the incline, who halted him and mistreated him on to the quay.

Yet again when the man stepped on to the slope, one team part halted him and pushed him off as the ship was leaving. As the water was violently churned by the ship’s potent screws, he vanished into the gap that was growing between the vessel and the quay.

The ferry continued sailing toward the island of Crete before being directed to return to Piraeus, and the crew appeared to do nothing to assist him.

The man, according to the coastguard, was found unconscious in the harbor waters and later declared dead. The cause of death was determined by an autopsy to be drowning.

In a web-based entertainment post on Wednesday, the nation’s state leader, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, hated what he called the “mix of flighty way of behaving and skepticism, disdain and detachment” that prompted the man’s passing. ” The previous despicable episode isn’t characteristic of the sort of country we need,” he added.

Varvitsiotis censured the crewmembers for their “unlawful demonstrations” and their inability to follow the “fundamental rule that Greek sailors have respected for a really long time”, which is to safeguard individuals adrift and “not to toss them into it, especially in such conditions”.

He said Kargiotis had purchased a ticket and loaded up the boat before, ran away for hazy reasons, then attempted to reboard. Varvitsiotis additionally said he had requested an examination concerning the manner in which port police answered the episode.

The Blue Horizon’s owner, Attica Group, initially issued a brief statement stating that it would cooperate with the authorities and was “devastated by the tragic incident.”

In a more extended explanation gave a few hours after the fact, it communicated distress for Kargiotis’ demise and swore an examination concerning the “unbelievable” occurrence.

Piraeus is Greece’s greatest port and the fundamental entryway for a large number of explorers visiting the country’s Aegean Ocean islands and Crete consistently.

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