GRA gets state-of-the-art scanning system

GRA gets state-of-the-art scanning system

The Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA) has announced it has installed a state-of-the-art scanning system at the Port of Banjul that could detect anything illegal.

“This is one of the best scanning systems in West Africa,” according Commissioner General Yankuba Darboe.

During a visit at the Seaport of Banjul on Thursday, CG Darboe told reporters that GRA currently has two live tracking devices for goods and vehicles that are on their way to The Gambia.

He described the system as very sophisticated and urged GRA staff to make use of the system to avoid any leakages. He added this tracking system would help GRA collect the much-needed revenue for national development.

According to CG Darboe, GRA has two live monitoring rooms – one at GRA head office and another at single office.

“This has improved compliance level and resulting increase revenue collection,” CG Darboe stated.

He revealed that GRA is working very hard with many reforms to ensure that The Gambia graduates from manual to digital for efficient service delivery.

CG Darboe described Port of Banjul as one of the most important revenue generating sources for GRA as it contributes between 60 and 65% revenue. “Therefore GRA deems it very fitting to install state-of-the-art scanning machine at the seaport that would interface with the single window to detect any false declaration of goods.”

He explained that the scanning machine is meant to improve efficiency in service delivery at the Port of Banjul and close all linkages that cause revenue loss to the country.

The scanning machine is a sophisticated device that can track or detect any illegal smuggling of goods in any container passing through the Ports.

CG Darboe vowed that GRA would not relent in its efforts to do every humanely possible to increase Gambia’s revenue performance.

He disclosed that GRA collected over D1.7 billion in January 2024 alone; and D1.4 billion in February.

“We are hoping that the collection of revenue in March will surpass the two last month’s revenue,” he expressed optimism.

He pointed out that the government relies on the revenues collected by GRA for development projects.

The GRA Board also visited the new Electronic Weighing Bridge installed at the Port of Banjul designed to screen bulk containers and help ease counting of declaration of goods in any container.

According to CG Darbo, the weighing bridge is a testimony of the commitment and determination of the GRA Board and Management to ensure that any loaded truck carrying a container is well screened.

The new weighing bridge will help enhance efficiency of GRA staff in collecting the much-needed revenue.

“The weighing bridge will be used to detect all trucks carrying containers and able to actually determine as to how many tonnes of goods are in each container,” CG Darboe said.

The electronic weighing bridge project was part of GRA’s arrangement with the PPP Partnership single window team and coordinated by the GRA to enhance effective service delivery and seal linkages.

The GRA Board toured various branches within the Greater Banjul Area for interactive sessions and to get firsthand information about the challenges and successes registered.

Source: The Point

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