GPA refutes reports linking it to bribery at Damen Shipyard

GPA refutes reports linking it to bribery at Damen Shipyard

Press Release

The Gambia Ports Authority (GPA) Management has learnt with dismay an online publication purportedly associating the GPA in fraudulent tender practices with DAMEN Shipyards, and in particular that it’s staff are complicit in the said fraudulent tender practices.

It is believed that this report may be related to an ongoing public tender launched by the GPA for the procurement of a new sunction dredger.

The story about DAMEN involvement in bribery was reported by a World Bank investigation in 2017 about the alleged payment of bribe to Government Officials by a DAMEN agent for the supply of fisheries vessels to an unnamed West African country, which did not involve The Gambia.

It is true that the GPA has procured ferries, pilot boats, tug boats and dredgers from DAMEN in the past, who has been a traditional supplier of vessels to the Authority for over 30 years.

The current tender for the procurement of a dredger by the GPA is by competitive bidding and the figures quoted were announced during the bid opening in line with procurement regulations. However, responsiveness to the minimum technical qualifying score is the main determinant in the evaluation criteria than price as set in the bid documents.

The GPA has very clear rules in its Service Rules book about the comportment of its officers and sanctions to be applied if any officer is found wanting for breach of these rules.

The processes at GPA in terms of procurement are transparent and fully compliant with GPPA Regulations.

The GPA Management wish to reassure all stakeholders, partners and the public at large about its commitment to appropriately deal with any reported incidents of corruption or corrupt practices.

Meanwhile, Management will continue to investigate the matter further and issue public statements about any developments in this regard.

Source: The Standard

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