Gov’t spokesperson describes alleged gunman as hired assassin

Gov’t spokesperson describes alleged gunman as hired assassin

Spokesperson of the Gambia government, Ebrima G. Sankareh, has described the Sukuta-Jabang alleged shooter as a hired assassin.

The government spokesperson, who doubles as the Gambian diaspora adviser to the president, was speaking during an exclusive interview on West Coast Radio Coffee Time show on Thursday regarding the development about the nabbing of the alleged gunman.

“The alleged gunman who shot three police officers which led to the death of two and one seriously injured is a hired assassin following the latest development after his arrest,” said spokesperson Ebrima G. Sankareh.

He further said that the boots of the alleged assassin, his murder regalia, the money he paid to do the assignment and the get-away car that drove him from the mosque where he met with co-conspirators and drove out have all been recovered.

“Stating all these, Ousman Bojang the alleged killer is already at a secured location, where he has been exceptionally cooperative to the investigators during questioning, yielding truthful of most needed information and excellent lead,” he said.

According to him, Mr Bojang is helping the investigators to recover the weapon (gun), noting that he also led the investigators to the motel or lodge where he and his accomplices were lodged by their hires on Wednesday night and several suspects were identified and arrested.

Mr Sankareh buttressed that the alleged shooter is a security guard at the Brikama Area Council, adding that the investigators also revealed and matched his footage and images recorded by the police during the last court appearance of the current BAC chairperson.

“I have his photos here in a hoodie, he was actually there and he participated during that demonstration in the last court,” he asserted.

The government spokesperson said the Gambian leader has assured that under their democratic dispensation, every person accused no matter how heinous their crime or crimes are, would be accorded the right to a legal representation and would go through a full legal cycle as in a democracy.

He further asked Gambians to remain calm, safe and secure.

Source: The Point

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