Gov’t prepares to sue Maiden Pharmaceuticals

Gov’t prepares to sue Maiden Pharmaceuticals

The Gambia government announced on Friday it’s far advanced in exploring avenues for “potential legal” action against Maiden Pharmaceuticals and Atlantic Pharmaceuticals as well as potential redress through engagement with the government of India.

This development came to light at the launching of the Presidential Taskforce Report.

“The government is currently benefiting from legal advice from a top tier international law firm,” Health Ministry Dr. Ahmadou Lamin Samateh revealed at a press briefing which was moderated by the government spokesperson presidential adviser on Diaspora, Ebrima G. Sankare.

The briefing also witnessed the launch of other reports: Acute Kidney Injury Outbreak and Causality Assessment Report.

The government’s decision followed the recommendation of a Presidential Taskforce Report on the Acute Kidney Injury which led to the deaths of at least 70 children from four Indian cough syrups.

The report urged the government through the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign Affairs to forthwith explore the possibility of instituting further legal action against Atlantic Pharmaceuticals and Maiden Pharmaceuticals, and should engage with the government of India, to seek criminal and civil redress on behalf of families of victims of AKI outbreak.

The report also urged the Ministry of Health to review the laws and regulations surrounding granting importation licence and instill “stringent conditions” so as to ensure that importers are approved based on their qualifications operating with a sense of accountability and responsibility rather than being principally driven by profit.

However, Health Ministry Samateh revealed that Ministry of Health has retained an experienced firm that is currently carrying out a review of all the health-related legislation in The Gambia. “This will be carried out as part of this ongoing review of the acts under the MOH.” 

The report also recommended the dismissal of executive director and deputy executive director of the Medical Control Agency (MCA), and consider prosecuting them in line with the relevant laws for their abdication of their official duties.

Source: The Point

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